Frequently Asked Questions

What is life coaching?

Life coaching isn’t about treating the symptoms of pain or shortcomings. It is about finding the root cause of each symptom, understanding it, and then making room for new seeds of success and fulfillment. This is where the Model comes in. The Model is a life coaching tool from the Life Coach School that teaches us how to identify ways in which our thoughts impact our feelings, and how we can alter these thoughts so they can no longer harm us. The Model is the cornerstone of my life coaching strategy. 

What is the Model?

The Model is a framework for life coaching. The five components of the Model are:

  • Circumstances – Circumstances are things outside of our control: people, our past, the weather, etc.
  • Thoughts – We give meaning to our circumstances through our thoughts.
  • Feelings – Feelings are the emotions or vibrations we experience in our bodies. They are created by our thoughts.
  • Actions – Actions refer to behavior, reaction, or inaction, and they’re directly related to our feelings.
  • Results – Results are the effects of our actions.

Usage of the model can help you identify how to safely control your feelings, break old habits, and choose thoughts and actions that actually serve you.

Why do I need life coaching?

Life coaching improves confidence and self-esteem, increases life satisfaction and happiness levels, and lowers stress levels and helps you have a more peaceful mind. This, in turn, increases energy, productivity, and brings passion and focus to all of your future endeavors and relationships.

How long is your program?

It’s a three-month program with 12-weekly 1-hour sessions.

How can I book you?

You can schedule a free 30-minutes consultation with me by clicking here.

Still have questions?

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