I can help you find love,
confidence, and compassion
for yourself so you are
grounded, empowered, and
able to fulfill your dreams.

Hi, I'm Rae Tsai

I am a certified life coach working for the Life Coach School as a mentor and coach for coaches and scholars. I have the tools to effectively move you past where you are and get you to where you’ve only dreamed you could be.

I can help you:

  • Be more confident
  • Improve relationships with your loved ones
  • Achieve your goals and desires
  • See who you truly are – and enjoy being you!

Areas of Focus

Do you feel stuck and unappreciated?

Are you afraid of being judged by others?

Would you like to have better relationships with yourself and your loved ones?

Do you feel burnt out and unable to meet expectations?

I can help you learn how to manage your thoughts so you can bring about the outcomes you desire. With life coaching, you can improve your relationships, parenting skills, career, and day-to-day life.

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Self Worth


Self Love

Goal Setting

Rae is an incredible coach - she is insightful, knowledgeable, committed, very patient, and passionate. Rae is a great coach who creates a comfortable and safe environment that really allows you to put your guards down and truly be open about yourself. I loved my time with Rae and I would recommend her to everyone. Thank you, Rae - forever grateful!

Flor R.

Rae has this uncanny ability to really get to deal with the surface thing that I've presented her with. We covered so much in 20 minutes. The actual, true, deep stuff. She holds space so well and has a calm about her that, in my experience, is really rare.

Sharn F.

After working with Rae, the first few sessions amazed me. My thoughts were terrible and I didn't even know it! Having coaching sessions really made me aware and accountable for what I was creating in my life. Problems became easier to deal with and my stress was at an all-time low when I realized I could change my thoughts and feelings. Every day isn’t perfect and I’m working on it but soon after I started sessions with Rae I wholeheartedly became an advocate for life coaching. I realized how valuable it is and how much better it made me as a person.

Victoria C.

Rae’s powerful coaching helped me go deeper within myself and challenge some of the underlying belief systems that were keeping me overly attached to the outcomes in my business. She challenged those belief systems and helped me de-link my worth from what I was achieving in my business… and start celebrating more / enjoying the process of growing and expanding my business.

Kavita P.

From a coaching perspective, as a coach, I admired that you didn't go robotically through the Model, it felt much more organic and I loved how you connected ideas from our earlier conversation into the coaching problem I brought you. Really well done!

Jenn D.

"I appreciate Rae’s coaching service because it helped me to see how my thoughts caused my feelings toward my mother, which affected our relationship. Rae is very kind, trustworthy, and soft-hearted. She gave me such energy, satisfaction, and courage just from one session. I am confident to refer my friends to her.

June L.

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